Systemic Leadership

Systemic leadership emphasizes the interconnectedness of all elements within a system, such as an organization or community. It views leadership as a dynamic process that involves understanding and leveraging the complex relationships and interactions within the system. Systemic leaders focus on creating positive systemic change by identifying patterns, feedback loops, and leverage points within the system. They prioritize collaboration, holistic thinking, and fostering a culture of shared responsibility and accountability among all stakeholders.


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Reporting your Leadership Style


For Organizations:
- Enhanced team dynamics
- Improved work environment
- Resolution of business conflicts

For Workers:
- Increased job satisfaction
- Enhanced productivity
- Better work-life balance

For Teams:
- Strengthened connections
- Deeper understanding
- Systemic Leadership

For Individuals:
- Greater self-awareness
- Healing from past traumas
- Overcoming emotional barriers

Meet Our Certificated Leaders:

olga verde
Dr. Olga Delgado: Clinical Psychologist, Head of People (Systemic and Organisational specialisation), PhD in Leadership
ricardo verde
Ricardo Andorinho: Specialised in Systemic Leadership, Master in Team Development and Leadership models, Professional Athlete

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