Personality Assessment - 4G

Having completed the 4G assessment, team members are selected based on 4G relationship compatibility, plus skills, availability and experience as required.

4G assessment

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For Organizations:
- Enhanced team dynamics
- Improved work environment
- Resolution of business conflicts

For Workers:
- Increased job satisfaction
- Enhanced productivity
- Better work-life balance

For Teams:
- Strengthened connections
- Deeper understanding
- Systemic Leadership

For Individuals:
- Greater self-awareness
- Healing from past traumas
- Overcoming emotional barriers

Meet Our Certificated Leaders:

olga verde
Dr. Olga Delgado: Clinical Psychologist, Head of People (Systemic and Organisational specialisation), PhD in Leadership
ricardo verde
Ricardo Andorinho: Specialised in Systemic Leadership, Master in Team Development and Leadership models, Professional Athlete

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