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Established in 2004, MBUintelligence is deeply rooted in our partners' aspirations. With a strong financial background, MBU specializes in delivering Business Intelligence solutions and a comprehensive framework that recognizes individuals' potential to operate at their optimal capacities while understanding their limitations. We have devised a Team Performance Index that helps assess the risk associated with investments in new ventures and existing teams.

Our clients are individuals who hold firm beliefs in our ability to maintain precision and predictability in our work. Today, we consider our clients' culture as the most invaluable asset of our continuously growing teams. The quality of team relationships is pivotal for the sustained success of any business.

In this fast-paced world, there is an increasing demand to build trust and confidence swiftly. Failing to meet this challenge can jeopardize your talent retention strategy. At MBU, you will encounter a dedicated team committed to ensuring a harmonious blend of (T) Technical, (S) Social, and (C) Contextual skills, tailored to suit any industry or team size.

Our Team Performance Index is a meticulously crafted algorithm that places a spotlight on your team's existing performance, offering valuable insights into the role of human behavior as a key driver of both present and future performance.

Board of directors

ricardo verdeolga verdesilvino verde

Ricardo Andorinho is our CEO. He's an international handball player who played in 155 international matches, improving not only his athletic skills but also his teamwork and leadership abilities. He authored "Awaken Your Genius," founded MBUintelligence and specializes in innovation to empower individuals and businesses, guiding them towards their full potential in both personal and professional growth.

Olga Delgado is our People Officer. Clinical psychologist with a PhD in Leadership and also Maritime Engineer. She fosters happiness and meaning through leadership and teamwork. Her international recognition stems from her extensive experience at global corporations like Procter & Gamble. As a university professor and researcher in EU projects, she contributes significantly to leadership and teamwork fields, guiding individuals toward a more fulfilling life.

Silvino Santos, is our Tech Lead, boasts 20+ years as a digital content consultant and trainer. He's a Cybersecurity Master's grad and Competitive Intelligence Analyst, focused on enhancing professional performance and profitability via tech innovation and knowledge resources. Silvino's role at MBU Intelligence is central in guiding teams and organizations in the tech and knowledge management landscape.

daniela verdearmindo verdecidinha verde

Daniela Kraljic, M.A., a Certified & Accredited Neurolanguage Coach® with a special focus on guiding career changers as they prepare for the next step in their professional journey. Daniela offers a personalized business English program tailored to individual needs, enabling her clients to excel in their career transitions. With her expertise and dedication, she plays a pivotal role in helping individuals achieve their career goals.

Armindo Araújo, a seasoned corporate expert, specializes in SSC, BPO, finance, HR, and IT. With 30 years of international experience, he promotes high-performance teams through individual growth, trust, transparency, and innovative solutions, fostering positive relationships and constructive friction.

Aparecida Morais, the MBU iNtelligence Country Business Manager in Brazil. focuses on human development and intrapreneurial culture. With extensive qualifications and global affiliations, she plays a pivotal role in shaping sustainable and innovative business practices.

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