Modelling Business Units
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The Company of the Future will demand quick and agile responses. This partnership considers a series of requirements that set it apart from other business solutions in the market. MBU creates a new understanding of productive teams, setting up a new environment. These new environments combine skills commonly observed in humans and a set of crafts produced by machinery, bots, and algorithms.

Relationships Friction Level

Reporting a Start-up Team

Look into one of our business reports. We offer guidance to lower HR turnover rates and secure safer and cheaper onboarding environments.

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Personalised Reporting Information

Our work is built from a trusted environment with our clients. We perform and produce in Teams three different types of reports:

MBU Security Assessment delivers a team report with IT and Business senior people. We combine a set of methods, tools and experience to build a standard report document that provides a picture of the business environment at a risk assessment level. This report is only available to established MBU clients that already trust our skills to provide sensitive and highly specialized information. Contact us for more details.
MBU produces the data that makes up these reports:
- documents are private and protected by copyright law;
- reports are independent;
- reports highlight behaviour and personal data and collect an essential data set to reduce the Business Risk;
- reports are an attempt to collect data that is complex but critical to human performance;
- reports are built to facilitate decision-making around complex systems of people and technologies;
- reports are built from two groups of diferent sources. The first is personal and scientifically validated data. The second is technical and comes from the business key potential indicators that are built with clients and partners

Documentation Ownership: MBU Client/Partner