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MBU produces Team Dynamics Data that can easily integrate corporate daily routines, measuring impacts on HR investment, productivity and TEAM CULTURE.

Ricardo Andorinho is from Évora, Portugal.  He is an international handball player having played in 155 matches.  Ricardo published “Awaken Your Genius” and co-founded MBUintelligence - a company that drives innovation.  Using his business focus and experience in finance, innovation and business performance, Ricardo specializes in innovation, bringing out the best of people skills and experiences.

Ricardo Andorinho site photo
Ricardo Andorinho
Team Developer

Aparecida Morais is from Brasília/FD, Brazil. She has been dedicated to human development, in education and corporate areas.  As a member of the curator committee of the Brazilian League of Intrapreneurs, Aparecida co-works with a number of players and institutions in Brazil and abroad, in order to improve intrapreneurial culture in companies engaged with sustainable strategies.

Aparecida Morais - Coach
Aparecida Morais
Account Lead
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Silvino Santos
Tech Lead

Silvino Santos is based in Oporto, Portugal. He has over 20 years’ experience as a consultant and trainer specializing in the development and management of digital content.  Silvino’s focus is on the impact of technological innovation on teams and organizations to enhance professional performance ensuring profitability through the effective use of knowledge resources.

Our Knowledge base has built an independent framework, inspired by a group of experienced people in highly competitive business environments. We also work with a specific set of technologies and partners. FourGroups, Ltd has been over the years the most important partner, validating data, knowing people and reporting team performance.