Team intelligence framework

Training for Social Intelligence

The Company of the Future will demand quick and agile responses in areas we are just starting to understand. These areas combine skills commonly observed in humans and a set of crafts produced by machinery, bots, and algorithms.

Your Learning Path

The program considers a series of requirements that set it apart from other educational programs. One of these characteristics is the existence of an instructor dedicated 100% to a specific student.
Another fundamental characteristic that differentiates this program from others is the specified tasks in a team effort between instructor and student, making the learning experience an emotional impact to both.
A file will be kept between the parties during the program and after it's terminus. The program is prepared to offer transformational value to the student and guarantee access to a unique network of students and instructors in the business world.

What do you need to enroll?

1. English spoken;
2. Computer and essential user experience;
An online translator can be used over the entire program;
The program can be done in Portuguese, English and Spanish;

Daily routines you can expect!

- One interview about the actual context, goals and realistic expectations
- Five days with 5-hour workout sessions
- 2,5 hours defined by MBU, including an interview with the program results:
- 2,5-hour Workload Feedback and final report - Individual Pitch
- Instructors feedback
- Student overall evaluation and feedback