Introducing iPsycho-Sports: Enhancing Performance and Wellbeing for Athletes

In collaboration with Sportrack, MBU Intelligence is proud to offer iPsycho-Sports, a specialized psychology service dedicated to optimizing the performance and wellbeing of athletes and sports professionals, including coaches and managers. Our team of clinical psychologists, in close collaboration with a team of professional athletes, understands the unique needs of athletes and provides tailored interventions to help achieve peak performance and successful transitions throughout their careers.

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MBU Intelligence: Leading Research in Sports Psychology

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At MBU Intelligence, we lead an international team of researchers dedicated to advancing the field of sports psychology. Our iPsycho-Sports service incorporates the latest scientific knowledge and our own research findings to provide athletes with the most effective tools and strategies to enhance their performance throughout their careers.

MBU Intelligence and Sportrack: Partnering with Professional Athletes

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At MBU Intelligence, we work closely with a team of professional athletes who contribute their invaluable experience to better understand the unique needs of athletes. Their insights help us design interventions and strategies that are tailored to the challenges faced by athletes at all stages of their careers.
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