Introducing iProperty

"iProperty" is a comprehensive real estate service focused on property investment and renting that aims to streamline the rental process while generating direct revenue for property owners. This innovative platform leverages technology to connect landlords and tenants, offering a seamless and efficient experience for both parties.

"Experience the future of real estate investment with our cutting-edge platform, leveraging AI-driven market insights to identify lucrative opportunities and optimize your portfolio for maximum returns."

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MBU aims to transform the property investment experience by simplifying the process, fostering direct communication, and creating a mutually beneficial relationship between property owners and tenants. By generating revenue through successful rentals, the service aligns the interests of both parties and sets a new standard in the real estate rental industry.


Benefits and Features

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Why iProperty?

Our portfolio has achieved an impressive return of 325% Under MBU's responsibility, assets are valued at 3 million euros. With a track record dating back to 2004, we excel in team building and integrating individual talents as invaluable assets. Within each team, the amalgamation of individual traits not only shapes its dynamics but also mirrors the organization's culture. Our mission significantly enhances their performance and efficacy. MBU's services are built upon an ongoing evaluation strategy tailored to individual client requirements. We meticulously monitor internal operations while maintaining a global perspective.


1,6% off-market rate in 20 years experience.
Minimize the risk of real estate investing. Risk assessment and market research are building our client's stable income.

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