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BilLing informatioN euro zone
Account Name:
NIF: 506988198
Bank Identification Number  
International bank account number
IBAN: PT50.0033.0000.45264088634.05         SWIFT/BIC: BCOMPTPL
BilLing informatio OUTSIDE euro zone
Account Name at WISE.COM
Account holder
BE53 9670 6195 2953Wise's address
Avenue Louise 54, Room S52

PayPal credencials available under request
January 2022
Internal audit and compliance. Please send us your corporate information, by clicking and replying to this MBU form.
In accordance with Bank of Portugal Notice no. 12/2007 Art. 3, we inform you that the provision of the NIB or account number to third parties may allow the name of the first holder of the demand deposit account associated with them to be known. Note: For international payments, communicate to the Ordering Party the IBAN and the Swift/Bic Code to better identify the Account.

Privacy and security
100% of the work we preform is based on personal and collective interest. We respect individuals and teams to it's most profound extend. The data and it's privacy and security is carefully managed in 3 layers: client, individuals and network as a crucial principal of our reporting instruments.

MBU is committed to fostering a culture of gender equality within the community and promoting inclusivity across all aspects of our platform.

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Privacy and processing of personal data
For the purpose of creating an account for the Users of the Site, they will always be asked to provide an e-mail contact and a password. It will be up to the User to keep these data in a safe place and change them if there are signs of abuse of the account by unauthorized third parties. Likewise, if the data or personal information provided by Users changes, it will be their responsibility to update those elements.Without prejudice, the privacy of Users of the Site constitutes a special concern for MBU. In this sense, we have approved a Privacy Policy which sets out the general principles applicable to the collection and processing of personal data which we will strictly comply with.

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